Digital X Ray

We are proud to announce the addition of our new Digital X-ray Machine to our of office.

The greatest benefits of having this new technology in our chiropractic office is that it uses less radiation than other x-ray machines. The x-ray capture is immediate so we do not have to wait for film to develop. We are now able to see more detail in the x-ray, and we are also able to review the x-rays with our patients much easier than before on computer monitors in our office. We have already received many compliments from our patients on how nice it is for them to be able to see their x-rays and review them. Taking the x-rays in our office has allowed us to speed up the healing process for our patients, which is our number one priority. Dr. Goldberg is excited about this technology because of the improvements in diagnostic quality, as well as the software tools available that aid in diagnosing abnormalities and issues within the spine. With the implementation of digital x-ray, it has helped us improve the quality and efficiency of our patients chiropractic treatment and health.

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