At Goldberg Wellness & Acupuncture Center, we focus on healing the entire body, providing excellent chiropractic and wellness care to accommodate all your needs. We specialize in helping alleviate pain and discomfort, supporting good spinal health, and rehabilitating the body back to its natural state. When the body goes through trauma, it can be difficult. Our methods and techniques help restore range of motion, mobility, flexibility, and overall health.

Services Offered at Goldberg Wellness & Acupuncture

Our comprehensive services are tailored to provide the best outcomes possible. Through non-invasive techniques and research-based practices, we offer acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage therapy, laser therapy, spinal decompression, cupping therapy, personal injury and a detailed weight-loss program to aid in helping the body heal.

What Should You Expect From Our Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractor?

We believe that good chiropractic care is a process. We administer our care in three phases: relief care, corrective care, and wellness care. On your first visit, you will complete a series of forms to help the doctor understand your symptoms. Next, you will undergo a physical examination that may require an X-ray based on the level of pain you are experiencing and where it is located. After your exam, the doctor will share his findings and recommend a customized treatment plan. Your plan will include a series of visits based on the type of care and severity of your symptoms.

Once your corrective care is complete, you will come back for periodic adjustments and evaluation to determine how your body has responded and to make sure there are no signs of relapse. Our goal is to make sure you continue your journey pain-free.

Get The Relief You Need from our Acupuncture Center in Palm Beach Gardens

Do not continue walking around in pain or discomfort! The more you prolong getting assistance, the more severe your injury becomes. We welcome you to contact us for a consultation. We work with personal injury clients and insurance companies to ensure you get the relief you need. For more information on our chiropractic and wellness services, give us a call. Contact our Palm Beach Gardens chiropractor and acupuncture clinic at (561) 624-5070 today! 

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