Auto Accident Injury

Auto Accident Injury

Auto Accident Injury

Auto Accident Injury

Auto Accident Injury

Auto Accident Injury Treatment from our Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractor

Auto accidents are among the most common causes of back and other spinal injuries, and one of the small bright sides of obtaining an injury this way is that it is often possible to work with a chiropractor in Palm Beach Gardens to recover from the injury, or at least help manage whatever pain might follow.

Auto Injuries Are Not Always Obvious

One of the more unfortunate parts is that many people don't get the chiropractic care in Palm Beach Gardens that they need in order to recover as much as possible because they don't have themselves checked for injury after the accident has occurred. This is a mistake from both a physical standpoint, as well as a financial one.

Any auto accident, even one that seems minor, is a traumatic experience. It triggers a lot of emotion and adrenaline, and many people are too busy being thankful that they are alive to realize that they may have suffered an injury. In many cases, people don’t start feeling the effects of the accident until after they have left the scene. That's why it is best not to trust your own immediate judgment or declare you are "okay" until you have been fully evaluated.

Common Auto Accident Injuries

Here are just some of the most common auto accident injuries our chiropractors treat:

  • Whiplash

  • Herniated, slipped or bulging discs

  • Tearing and bruising of soft tissue

  • Compressed spine and fractures

  • Upper vertebrae fractures - due to upper body moving very quickly while a seatbelt is in place

  • Dislocation Injuries

Chiropractic Care for Auto Accident Injury Recovery

Regardless of the types of injuries you suffer from after an auto accident, prompt treatment is important in order to help you recover from your actual injury as well as giving you the best chance at making a strong case with your insurance company or any personal injury case you may decide to file. At Goldberg Wellness & Acupuncture Center in Palm Beach Gardens, FL we have a variety of diagnostic tools available and we can use those tools to show how your injuries relate to the circumstances of your accident. The more time that passes, however, between your accident and your assessment, the more difficult these connections become, so waiting may put you at a disadvantage.

While it is important to be treated at the Emergency Room or see your own doctor for immediate treatment of injury, many people fare better after also seeking out chiropractic treatments. At Goldberg Wellness & Acupuncture Center we treat our patients using a whole person approach. We explore treatment options such as spinal manipulation, but also look at ways that you can participate in your own healing through corrective exercises, nutritional adjustments, and other methods that not only help to reduce your pain, but help you heal as well.

Contact our Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractor for Auto Accident Injury Treatment

To learn more, contact us at Goldberg Wellness & Acupuncture Center in Palm Beach Gardens, FL at (561) 624-5070 to schedule your assessment.

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