​​​​​​​Comprehensive Acupuncture Treatment from our Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractor

Are you looking for holistic treatment options and chiropractic care in Palm Beach Gardens? Goldberg Wellness & Acupuncture Center offers comprehensive chiropractic and alternative care in the greater Palm Beach Gardens area. Our chiropractor offers an understanding of Chinese medicine and the principle of acupuncture to our patients who prefer an alternative approach to Western medicine. If you are interested in learning more about acupuncture from our Palm Beach Gardens chiropractor, please call our office today to schedule a consultation.

Conditions Treated and Acupuncture Benefits

In addition to being your full-service chiropractor in Palm Beach Gardens, the Goldberg Wellness & Acupuncture Center also offers treatment plans for conditions such as sleep difficulties, painful menstruation, back pain, and digestive issues. We believe that holistic care is the best approach to providing our patients with the care that allows them to lead healthy and active lives. There are many acupuncture benefits, and many of our patients find that when they are treated with acupuncture their overall feeling of wellness increases.

Traditional Acupuncture

At the Goldberg Wellness, we practice a form of traditional acupuncture also utilizing as Meridian Therapy. This form of Chinese medicine is effective in many areas and for many conditions. Our traditional acupuncture therapy stimulates the 12 Meridians with using very fine needles which stimulates a reaction in the area treated to help the body to repair itself. This enables the body by removing energy blockage which in turn allows the body to operate at a higher plane.

Many of our patients are surprised to learn that acupuncture is not only a philosophy, but a technique as well, and we not only utilize needles but there are needless treatment modalities as well. We believe that acupuncture is an effective complementary approach that can elevate the benefits of other treatments. Dr. Goldberg advises dependent of your condition, 10 sessions for their initial course of treatment, spread out over time, to help their body break through any energy blockages. Regular maintenance sessions are also recommended throughout the year.

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Schedule an Acupuncture Appointment with our Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractor

Goldberg Wellness & Acupuncture offers effective acupuncture as part of a holistic and comprehensive treatment option for our patients. Please call us today at (561) 624-5070 to schedule a consultation for with our chiropractor in Palm Beach Gardens.

Dry Needling

Dry Needling (also known as Myofascial) trigger point dry needling is an alternative medicine technique similar to Acupuncture. Dry Needling can also be referred to as intramuscular stimulation.


Dry Needling can loosen stiff muscles, ease joint pain, improve blood flow and oxygen circulation within the body that brings results for those who are trying to optimize sports performance, recover faster from injury, or prevent issues from becoming chronic.

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